Fender CS Tele Custom 59 Vintage Custom NOS RW CH3SB


Electric guitar Fender Custom Shop, Telecaster Custom 1959 model, New Old Stock 3-Tone Sunburst finish. Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, 2 Custom Shop Tele pickups.

Fender CS Tele Custom 59 VC NOS RW CH3SB

Body: alder
Scale: 25.5"
Neck: bolt-on maple with 59 large C profile
Fingerboard: maple, with a compensated 7.25"-9.5" radius
Frets: 21 medium vintage frets
Pickups: 2 handwound 58 Tele 
Bridge: vintage with 3 bridges, through strings
Tuners: vintage
Electronics/controls: 3-position pickup selector, master volume, master tone

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  • Fender CS Tele Custom 59 VC NOS RW CH3SB
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The flagship of Fender's production, instruments from the Custom Shop range are guitars and basses that meet the highest quality standards, be it in the wood selection, the pickups winding, the finishes or the overall build quality. This results in highly reliable instruments with inimitable sound, providing great playability.

Whether it reminds you of Andy Summers or Izzy Stradlin, the Tele Custom has a very distinctive rock character of its own, allowing you to navigate from the clear and brilliant alleys of pop to the hazardous confines of hard-rock. Tone-wise and look-wise. It blends the timeless elegance of a Sunburst, white binding, and rosewood fretboard with the Tele's raw and proven design.

The alder of this particular guitar is very dry, and the guitar is light. It resonates beautifully when empty, and the transmission of vibration from the neck to the body is superb. The neck is what sets the Custom Vintage apart: its profile is a 59 Large C, round and a little bit bigger than the Cs of the '60s, and the fingerboard radius is compensated, from 7.25" to 9.5". So it's easy to grab the upper part and slap chords, and bends are still possible lower down.

The 58 Tele hand-wound microphones sound wonderful. They are creamy and round, with a strong presence in the mediums, but never become shrill. It pulls out with great sensitivity at the bridge, and it gently knocks the neck off its feet. From country to jazz, pop to rock/hard-rock, she can do it all—with great class.

It is delivered in its CS box with the usual accessories and its certificate of authenticity and guaranteed for 2 years in our workshop.