Optimization is our passion. We have designed and registered the trademarks of products highly sought after by professionals throughout the world. This custom production is part of a register of skills that we feel privileged to offer you. Many professionals benefit from those bespoke achievements we have undertaken exclusively for them.

Furthermore, our craftsmen have acquired recognized expertise in ergonomics applied to musical instruments. They may simply contribute to a better guitar neck set-up or string height adjustment, but also improve your velocity and dexterity by customizing a woodwind instrument key work to suit it to your own morphology, or the skins' tension on your drums. Our luthier can also increase the aesthetic beauty of your guitar by adding mother of pearl inlays to accommodate your most creative visions.

Finally yet importantly, we can assist musicians with a distinct morphology, such as very small or injured hands. Our craftsmen have often been approached to solve such problems for their recognized in depth knowledge of ergonomics and skills to extend keys accordingly.


par Claudio Maragno


par René Hagmann