Instruments for beginners for all products available in store

Online offers from a multitude of sources on the web are a smokescreen in the majority of cases. Study instruments which are available on the Net are offered at bargain prices but are generally not playable! A poor quality instrument will obviously discourage novice musicians and will lead them to abandon a battle which is lost in advance, after a few months.
We take great care to find rare items; of the best possible quality-price ratio, whilst guaranteeing ethical standards, sustainable wood protocols and the respect of worker’s rights.
Our specifications are met for a few additional francs, which works out to your overall advantage. To encourage you with your purchase we offer financing arrangements.

Financing options

• Lease with option to purchase:

You rent a new instrument of your choice during the academic year, after which time, you can renew or terminate the contract without notice. If you want to acquire the instrument, the first 10 rental installments are deducted from the list price. You then only pay the balance and the instrument is yours.

• Purchase with the option of recovery:

You buy the chosen instrument; new or used, at our best terms with recovery option in the contract. This formula gives you the option of returning within 6 to 12 months. You are reimbursed in cash with a monthly deduction (corresponding to its devaluation) which remains significantly more advantageous than a rental of the same model.