Advisory capacity

We believe advisory capacity is of utmost importance in our trade. Meeting We strive to meet your requirements is a task we want to achieve and therefore will therefore take the time to listen to your needs at length. If you are a beginner, we will guide your first steps but also follow your musical evolution and advise you in the choice of a higher end instrument over time. Our selection and stock of instruments have been established accordingly for excellence amongst passionate amateurs as well as accomplished professionals who have found what they sought in our trove. We will take the time and give you our willingness to allow you to try our range of instruments to help you to find the model that will give you entire satisfaction and is suited for you.

Advisory being our purpose, our rationale is based on the selection and implementation of the best available brands available on the market. We have a permanent stock of instruments in all price ranges, from the most affordable (that we select very carefully) to the most prestigious rare birds. Whether it is a woodwind, a brasswind, a drum kit or a guitar, each model is very strictly controlled by our staff, each of whom is a musician, passionate like you !

We have the weakness to esteem the most outstanding instruments. Our selection in the high-end has given us a large customer base of professionals and amateurs who have found their gem in our store. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with models that truly meet your needs, tailored to your budget and make sure that your choice will fulfill your expectations in the long term.

The Team

• René Hagmann: Administrator and Managing Partner of Servette-Music, René Hagmann is first and foremost a passionate craftsman, as well as an excellent classical jazz musician who masters several instruments: the trombone, the horn, the saxophones and the clarinets. Head of workshops, he has developed various methods of work during his career, which has lead him to experiment with many alterations, in particular on brass instruments and clarinets. These alterations, which are patented, have given rise to products and accessories much sought after by professionals. The "Free Flow" cylinders for trombones—distributed around the world—as well as the "Vibrabell" trumpet and trombone systems are just some of the best-known examples of the innovations he has developed within the company. A federal expert and a recognized trainer, René is eager to pass on his craft to the younger generations, and is a tutor in various schools and teaches courses for factors. Passionate about clarinet, he has also fulfilled his dream of making homemade clarinets—which he keeps confidential and will only offer connoisseurs— while still remaining firmly in control of his family business.

• Claude Zavaglio: Director and managing partner of Servette-Music, Claude Zavaglio is above all a music enthusiast since his youth. His passion never left him during his career as a marketing and communications expert, during which he designed development strategies for many brands in different industries. Guitarist, singer, arranger and composer, he now leads the teams and the commercial activity of Servette-Music. He keeps a keen eye on the selection of instruments, promotes the introduction of exclusive brands, and particularly insists on customer satisfaction, an essential value that drives a family business. Finally, Claude is also in charge of human resources.

• Sergio Barbieri: Passionate about tone, with experience as a studio guitarist, arranger and guitarist in several localbands, Sergio Barbieri is Servette-Music’s strings instruments expert : guitars, amps, effect pedals, effects programming and digital electronics associated with it. Gifted with an innate sense of customer care, Sergio is also a great advisor in all sectors in the shop, thanks to years of experience and his thirst for knowledge. Finally, Sergio manages all the commercial messaging and other communications tools at the shop.

• Stephan Montinaro: An expert in drums and percussion, entrepreneur and experienced musician, Stephan Montinaro creates drumming learning methods and develops snares under his brand, "Backbeat", available at Servette-Music, where he is in charge of the drums section. Drawing on a solid background in music and business management, he graduated from the Geneva Industrial Courses in Business Administration and the Drummers Collective in New York with honors in 1990. He started his career managing the drums section at Bernard Musique, then founded his own company, and created a music school, Music Arts Academy, which grows successfully ever since. Thanks to his unparalleled sense of rhythm and production and his passion for modern music, Stephan is also in great demand by many bands and brilliantly runs a recording studio in which he performs sessions.

• Matthieu Bielser: An expert in wind instruments, Matthieu Bielser has a solid business background as well as a top academic training in music. A trumpet virtuoso, Matthieu also knows how to play a dozen wind instruments (among which the saxophone, the clarinet, the viola, and the euphonium are very well worth noting), which he also knows how to repair, and plays in various bands and orchestras in the region. A guitarist in his spare time, he is also able to advise on all products Servette-Music offers to customers, and is very appreciated for the accuracy of his knowledge and the quality of his service.

• Didier Imesch: A crucial support in the workshop at Servette-Music, factor on wind instrument, expert in the field of wood instruments, Didier Imesch is essentially, and has been so for many years, active in the repair and restoration of saxophones, flutes, clarinets, and historical instruments, all with a keen sense of quality. A recognized artisan, Didier has forged himself a very good reputation in his specialties, as well as in the personalization of instruments. His life as a musician began at l’Ondine Genevoise where he studied trombone, but he has now been playing his instrument in the Musique Municipale de la Ville de Genève for many years.

• Patrick Elle: An expert in double-reed instruments, Patrick Elle has a solid training as a factor in wind instruments, first acquired at the prestigious Selmer Company in Paris as a coworker at the workshop for oboes finishing, and then as responsible for the wood instrument repairs division of l’Olifant, also in Paris. At Servette-Music, which he joined upon his arrival in Switzerland in 1988, he excels in the maintenance, setup and restoration of oboes and bassoons, but his knowledge of woods allows him to also expertly work on clarinets, flutes and saxophones. Patrick Elle plays saxophone in harmony bands and plays many wind instruments.

• Emeric Beaujouan: Young luthier with already years of experience, Emeric Beaujouan ensures all jobs of stringed instruments at Servette-Music since 2015. After an apprenticeship of 4 years with French master luthier Frank Cheval, he opens his own shop in 2006. Still working with his apprenticeship master, he starts building his own creations in classical, folk and bass guitar fields. He ensures also all repairs and restorations for a number of French distributors for brands like Martin, Gibson and Larrivée. Totally at ease in the electric and the acoustic sides of the stringed instruments as well as with bass guitars, Emeric is today truly in charge of our stringed instruments workshop at Servette-Music and ensures all repairs and restorations: all adjustments and even the repair of completely broken necks and also the most delicate tasks such as re-fretting, re-bonding, re-building, painting, varnishing and customized constructions or creations including delicate mother of pearl inlays. Finally, his own creations are now proposed to the clientèle at Servette-Music and he hopes to be able to spend a growing time on it in order to fulfill all the needs for taylor-made models.

• Claudio Maragno: A factor and brass instruments repairman, Claudio Maragno studied the brass factor trade at the "Oscar-Walcker Schule" in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart. After a first professional experience during which he finished his apprenticeship with the trombone manufacturer Haag, Claudio joined Servette-Music and made his debut in the cylinder workshop where he perfected his knowledge of manufacturing and production of brass instruments. A trombonist himself, he is now responsible for the production of our program "Vibrabell", ensures all repairs of brass instruments and excels in the customization of trombones and custom trumpets.

• Cyril De Froment: Head of Free Flow cylinder production workshop. A trained watchmaker, Cyril manages the production of our precious cylinders since 2007. He puts all the rigor of his watchmaking experience in service of our products, which also require significant manufacturing accuracy.

• Marc Merminod: A specialized mechanic, Marc Merminod ensures the production of cylinders in the workshop. His background in the watch-making industry has allowed Marc to brings a new perspective on production and to distinguish himself through the contribution of new methods that have brought improved efficiency. A guitarist in his spare time, Marc, like all staff members of the Shop, is also passionate about music.

• Stéphan Merminod: The warehouseman, Stéphan is very appreciated by his colleagues, first because he plays a central role in the instruments’ reception and set up when they are brought to Servette-Music, and second because as a former sales associate at the Shop, no product arriving at the shop slips past him, and he knows instantly what purpose it fulfills and which invoice to check. A trumpet player and cornettist himself, very appreciated from the local Brass Bands, he also represents Servette-Music in the French-speaking part of Switzerland (ex-Geneva), a role which has allowed him to be in contact with many of orchestras and fanfares in the region.


Servette Music was founded around 1955 by Otto Hagmann (1914-1980) who was a re-converted engineer who turned his talents to bench made trumpets and trombones. The first workshop in the Charmilles neighbourhood of Geneva specialized in the repair of trumpets for symphonic music and was visited by a number of prominent musicians (including Paolo Longinotti, first principal trumpet player of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande). Otto Hagmann concentrated on the repair of trumpets for symphonic music, especially in keys which were hard to find on the market at that time, such as D, Eb, F and G. He constructed and repaired many trumpets for customers of brass and marching bands and in addition sold instruments of various brands.

The development and progression of his business led him to move to the neighborhood of Servette in 1969 and the store now is named Servette-Music. One of his three sons; Rene Hagmann; who is also a precision mechanic, joined him in 1971 to specialize in keyed instruments in addition to brass winds. The store’s reputation has steadily grown over the years and its excellent reputation now draws customers from all over Switzerland as well as neighboring countries.

The ever-growing customer base also helps to train employees. In 1979 Servette-Music hired Yves Imer as a specialized commercial partner. His knowledge of both the guitar and sales management led to a decisive change in the company’s subsequent development including the creation of a section of stringed instruments. This was also the year that René took over the ownership from his father who pursued his activities with the team until his tragic death in August 1980.

At the end of 1987, the store expanded and doubled its surface and the “Servette 92 Music” label was born; the new arcade is located at 92, rue de la Servette. The team now numbers approximately thirteen staff members and includes specialists in brass, wind, keyed instruments and the guitar. The specific strength of the entire Servette-Music team is their ability to repair all the instruments sold in the shop which has ensured long-standing loyalty among customers.

In addition to repair works and sales, René Hagmann is passionate about improving certain weaknesses of clarinets and specifically F basset horns. His collaboration with the famous French company Buffet Crampon resulted in the creation of a more evolved and sophisticated instrument which has enjoyed international success.

In 1992, René Hagmann invented a new slide trombone valvebarrel, the "René Hagmann Free Flow Valve", the worldwide success of which has led him to set up a new workshop dedicated to its production. This accessory is highly appreciated by the world's leading brands, and it is therefore natural that this workshop also specializes in the customization and improvement of trombones.

In 2000, Sergio Barbieri joined the company. With his knowledge and skills in guitar and tone, he developed both the sector of electric guitar and amplification, and of processing effects and their programming—including electronics and audio-digital gear that goes along with that.

In 2009, Servette-Music received the Handicrafts Award of the Canton of Geneva, which has been awarded since 1991 to the most deserving business, taking into account the quality of its work and the commitment it has made to the training and the transmission of know-how.

In 2015, two new employees joined Servette-Music: Emeric Beaujouan, luthier, and Matthieu Bielser, sales technician. The latter, having a solid academic background in the field of music as well as in sales, completed his knowledge with a technical training for 2 years at Servette-Music. Meanwhile, Emeric took over for the luthier Steve Roberts’, who went into well-deserved retirement.

At the end of 2018, the store expanded once again its offer to meet the needs of drummers and percussionists, and enlisted the services of Stephan Montinaro, who joined the sales team as head of the battery sector. Drawing on his competence as the director of a music school (Academy of Music) and strong commercial and musical training (Drummer's Collective of New York), Stephan helps Servette-Music meet the growing demand from drummers who wish to find specialists who can provide them with advice, products and services that fit their needs in Geneva.

Today, Servette-Music is made up of fifteen employees, is the exclusive distributor in Switzerland for a dozen brands, represents about a hundred others, and provides around thirty companies worldwide with registered models.

VSB (Swiss association of brass & woodwinds makers and repairers)

Vereinigung Schweizer Blasinstrumentenbauer und Reparateure :

We are privileged to be a member of this prestigious guild whose requirements are of an exacting level. It is a highly exclusive club numbering only twenty-three carefully selected members throughout Switzerland! Our entire team is committed to maintaining and indeed constantly raising the standard of our professional activities to ensure that our profession exalts the highest artisanal standards