“Servette-Music has earned my loyalty, by the way, because you offer trustworthy relationships and great after-sales service.”

— Christophe Leu, professional guitarist

“For the past few years, there's been an opening up of some very interesting brands and models, and some great changes. With the basement, having a place where you can really send decibels to test an amp, pedal or guitar is great.”

— Christian Graf, professional guitarist

“For a music professional, it's a great opportunity to have access to skills like this in the middle of Geneva.”

— Afonso Venturieri, bassoonist of the OSR

“I find Servette-Music to be a great store, with knowledgeable people who are always willing to help.”

— Maxence Sibille, professional drummer

“The two big things I particularly appreciate are the friendliness and the richness of the inventory.”

— Joshua Hyde, professional saxophonist

“ What I think is great is that this is a store that has completely reinvented itself, and is really moving with the times.”

— Christophe Godin, professional guitarist

“I find everyone hyper nice. Matthieu, Claudio and René, with whom I talk a lot, have always been able to answer quickly to all my requests. As a result, I've had nothing but good experiences with Servette-Music.”

— Ross Knight, OSR tuba player

“It has become my point of reference in Geneva for everything concerning my equipment, guitar tuning, etc.”

— Stephane Van Loon, singer-songwriter and guitarist

“The relationship with Servette-Music has become a partnership that has lasted for a few years now. I appreciate the fact that the team is very professional, and that the products are all of very good quality.”

— Francesco D'Urso, professional trombonist

“Sergio is amazing, it's a pleasure to work with him to find the right solutions. I send my students to [Servette-Music] with confidence.”

— Eric Bisoffi, professional guitarist

“It's a real, authentic store. I feel respected as a customer and as a musician. The service and quality of the instruments are top notch, and justify the slight price difference with an online store, which does not give me satisfaction in terms of support and guidance.”

— François Alba, professional guitarist

“Servette-Music is a place where I can confidently ask for advice and try things out.”

— Marie Mercier, professional clarinetist

“I send all my students to you, and Sergio is like a friend.”

— Marek Wegrzyk, professional guitarist

“I've bought and sold plenty of guitars, had repairs done, and have always been well served. It's nice to come in for coffee and talk about guitars. As far as luthiery goes, the work is impeccable, the new luthier is great.”

— John Woolloff, professional guitarist

“It's just great to be able to test an instrument quietly, which means having both the choice, and the time to choose, not just in a few minutes.”

— Pascal Alba, professional guitarist and bassist

“I have been a Servette-Music customer for a long time, and I systematically recommend my students to come to the store for the choice of guitars and for Sergio's great advice. The lutherie workshop and the after-sales service are also of excellent quality!”

— Frederic Sapey, professional guitarist

“No matter what style you play, you can find an instrument in Servette-Music's selection that will fit perfectly, and it will be a good instrument.”

— Edwin Sanz, professional drummer and percussionist

“The Hagmann cylinders are consistent in all registers, the barrel works great. When you play, the intervals are really close, the sound is timbred, which makes for nice tones in the loud grades as well as the softer grades. The great thing is that there is no difference between the single trombone and when you use the F barrel. It's the best instrument I've had so far.”

— Francesco D'Urso (Moya trombones) about his modified tenor trombone with a Hagmann cylinder

“Servette-Music has the best luthier in town!”

— John Woolloff, professional guitarist

“We unfortunately live in a world where we tend to come forward when we are unhappy or frustrated with a service... Today I would like to take the opportunity to thank the entire Servette Music team for the excellent service they have consistently delivered for the 20 years or so that I have been a customer there.”

— Sam Albert, guitarist of Ice Cream Men

“I wanted to thank you for the advice: the amp is the bomb, I'm ecstatic, it was worth the wait. It's great to have a store and a service of professionals, it's not the usual thing.”

— Patrick B., guitarist

“The Vovox cable is a total killer! I tried and compared with my other cables directly in my system and we can say it is impressive the difference. We gain in depth of sound, in precision, the mids are much more pleasant, in short it's a bomb because the whole sound spectrum is improved.”

— Yvan Rougny, bass player of Mörglbl

“...Servette-Music repaired my oboe in record time and is extremely strong in the adjustments as well, I hardly recognized my instrument. I bring an oboe and I take with me a formula 1: everything is perfectly adjusted, each note comes out perfectly, each note is perfectly stable. This will make my life much easier during my next orchestral concerts. Never before had anyone repaired an oboe in such an admirable way...”

— Jean-Daniel Courvoisier, oboist

“You can't imagine how grateful I am to you. I thank you for your excellent work on my oboe, I feel like I am rediscovering my instrument ..... My sound has changed, I also feel more confident, so I dare more.”

— Aline Letertre, oboist