At Servette-Music, you are in a specialized shop where each instrument is carefully selected, scrupulously set up and inspected by our factors and/or our specialists.

We will advise you on tone, help you try our instruments and even lend them to you to allow you to test them at home or in your rehearsal room—because there is no best test than in your own environment.

In addition, you benefit from a full warranty during 2-year (1 year for the used instruments), top-notch customer service and additional set up throughout the warranty period.

Finally, if we don’t have the instrument of your dreams or the accessory you need in our stock, we will order them. Thanks to our network, we can get any brand and product from official distributors. We will process your requests very quickly and allow to follow-up your orders easily.

The Servette-Music team

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Buffet Crampon Orfeo BC 3663

Buffet Crampon professional oboe, Orfeo 3663 model, selected grenadilla body, semi-automatic Conservatoire traditional full system, made in France.

Buffet Crampon Prestige BC3613

Buffet Crampon professional oboe, Prestige 3613 model, selected grenadilla wood, semi-automatic Conservatoire traditional keywork, made in France.

Buffet Crampon Prodige BC4062

Buffet Crampon student oboe, Prodige BC 4062 model, in grenadilla wood with resin coated bore, semi-automatic Conservatoire system, silver plated keys, made in Germany


Cabart 74 intermediate oboe, Conservatoire system, made in France by Lorée.

Howarth Junior

Howarth oboe, model Junior, body and bell in grenadilla, nickel silver-plated mechanism, Covered finger holes with extensions to ensure proper covering for small hands. With case.

Loreée Cabart 74
CHF 2990.-

Lorée Cabart oboe, 74 model, in very good condition, completely overhauled in our workshop, gigbag and case included. Serial#: 15071.

Lorée Cabart 74
CHF 3700.-

Lorée Cabart oboe, model 74, in excellent condition, serviced in our workshop, new reed box and case included. Serial number : 14134.

Marigaux 901

Marigaux professionnal oboe, 901 model, semi-automatic Conservatoire system, selected grenadilla wood, made in France.

Marigaux 901
CHF 4950.-

Marigaux oboe, 901 model, in good condition, completely overhauled in our workshop, with case. Serial#: 20419.

Rigoutat Riec

Rigoutat oboe, Riec model, ebony body, nickel-silver mechanism, stainless steel screws.

Yamaha YOB-241

Yamaha YOB 241 student oboe, simplified keywork, ABS resin body. mat finish, silver-plated keywork, with traditional rectangular casel.