Gibson CS ES-335 '61 VOS Cherry Red

Gibson CS-335 '61 VOS electric guitar, Cherry Red finish, Indian rosewood fingerboard, 2 Alnico III Custombuckers. Serial number: 121905.
Gibson CS ES-335 '61 VOS CR

Body: 3-ply laminated maple/poplar/maple
Scale length: 24.75"
Neck: mahogany, SlimTaper 60s C profile
Fingerboard: Indian rosewood, 12" radius
Frets: 22 medium jumbo frets
Pickups: 2 x Custombucker Alnico III
Bridge: ABR-1
Tuners: Kluson Single Line, Double Ring
Electronics/controls: 3 positions pickup switch, 2 volumes, 2 tones

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Gibson has forever engraved its name in the hall of fame of guitar, from jazz to rock, blues and metal. Founded in 1894 by Orville H. Gibson in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, the company has revolutionized the guitar world with technical and aesthetic innovations such as the humbuckers or the Flying V, Explorer and Firebird shapes. With ambassadors like Charlie Christian and Slash, or Tommi Iommi and, of course, Lester Polfus, Gibson crosses the ages and musical styles, and stands out as a must-have brand of guitar, both electric and acoustic.

The VOS (Vintage Original Spec) range is a Custom Shop production that recreates the brand's historic models with care, strictly following specifications and selecting all the components (wood, electronics, etc.) and aging them in a light and meticulous way to offer instruments of exceptional quality, faithful to their origins and providing sensations identical to that of a guitar produced at the time, that would not have been played, and carefully maintained during all this time.

On this ES-335 '61 VOS, Gibson's Custom Shop painstakingly rendered every curve and contour of the original instrument, recreating its rounded cutouts, fine neck shape, and Cherry Red in minute detail. In fact, the team spent a year studying, scanning, and listening to an original 1961 ES-335 to ensure a perfect reproduction. And they succeeded: from the fingerboard inlays to the pickups, this ES-335 exudes class and sounds wild - kind of like rock 'n roll in a suit.


So this is a very faithful guitar to the original model: organic glue was even used to join the solid mahogany neck to the 3-ply poplar and maple laminate body (each of very high grade). The pickups (a pair of Alnico III Custombuckers) are actually Gibson's own copies of its PAFs, and also convey the nuances of playing well thanks to a very articulate and warm tone, always ready to send your amp into overdrive.

The sound of the ES-335s is sometimes criticized for having something of a stiffness to it, which is obviously due to the size of the body, but that's not really the case on this one. But on the contrary here, no matter which position you choose, you always get a rather round and enveloping sound. The richness of the harmonics is particularly remarkable when going into hot amps. Gibson has captured the soul of rock here.

2-year warranty from our workshop.