Bogner Ecstasy 3534 35W Head


Bogner tube amp, Ecstasy 3534 model. 35W, 2xEL34, 3 channels, effects loop, footswitch. 

Bogner Ecstasy 3534 35W Head

350 Watts Head
3 channels, G/B/M/T/V/Presence Eq.
Switchable tube effects loop
Master volume by channel and global
Old/modern switch
Boost on each channel
1/2 power switch
Footswitch 7 functions

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The Ecstasy model is, as its name suggests, a head provoking ecstasy effects to those who use it. Above all, it is a particularly versatile amp that still stands at the top of the Bogner range to this day. It is based on the works Reinhold Bogner did on Marshall amps in the late 80's for many artists, and incorporates the quintessential hot-rodded tone as Bogner developed and kept it up to date.

The Bogner Ecstasy 3534 head is a 35-watt version of the original (which packs 100 watts of highly musical output), in a relatively lightweight housing, driven by 2xEL34. With 3 independent channels, it offers clean, crunch and lead voicings as defined by Bogner, appraised by many professional users (the list is long and can be consulted on their site) and amateurs. 

Their originality, sharpness, grain and power stand out as assets for those who are looking for versatility. The switchable effects loop, a boost on each channel, and a 7-function footswitch allow you to adapt to all circumstances. The sound can be sculpted to fit any pickup configuration, and will magnify the overall tone of each of your instruments. In short, this was an ultimate amplification system that will broadcast your signature sound with a potency and harmonic richness you'll find hard to do without.

2 years warranty from our workshop.