Bogner Tall Pine 1x12 Cab with Celestion Alnico Blue

Bogner cabinet, open tall format, pine (light and very resonant), Alnico blue speaker, 16 ohms.

Bogner Tall Pine 1x12 Cab Al Bl

Alnico Blue
15 Watts
Open back
16 ohms

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  • Bogner Tall Pine 1x12 Cab Al Bl
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Bogner's "Pine" series is a range of custom cabinets made of pine wood with unrivalled resonance qualities, which also has the advantage of being light (which is important when playing live). The speaker is floating, which allows for greater vibrations.

This model is equipped with an Alnico Blue speaker, THE rock 'n roll speaker. Punchy lows, precise highs and generous mids... It is creamy and "maneuverable", as it responds excellently to the attack's dynamic and the amp settings.

2 years warranty in our workshop.