Bogner Helios JB45 50W Head

Bogner Helios JB45 50W Head amplifier, 50 watts, 2 x KT66, 3 channels.

Bogner Helios JB45 50W Head

Tubes: Preamp (1x Mullard 12ax7, 2x JJ ECC83s, 1x JJ ECC803s), Power (2x TAD KT66), Bias (Adjustable Class AB)
Channels: 3 (G, inspired by early American tweed and British plexi amps; P, medium gain crunch; R, P channel clone with boosted gain)
Controls: Gain, Schizo (gain texture, attack), Master (volume) for each channel, modes (Bright, Beano, Hugh / Brown, Classic, Breaker) for G and R, Presence, Bass, Mid, Treble for all, Effects loop (Send, Return), Power amp (Excursion), Variac (On/Off)
Connections: Instrument input, Speaker outputs (16, 8, 4 ohms), Line out

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The Bogner Helios JB45 50W Head is a distinguished homage to the revered tones that defined the JTM45, and being a Bogner, it makes no compromises between crystal clear clean sounds and biting crunches. At the heart of this amp, a quartet of preamplification tubes paired with two KT66 power amp tubes create a sound palette rich in expressive saturation and dynamic range. It features three meticulously designed channels navigable via a footswitch: the Green channel, echoing the classic roar of Tweed and Plexi; the Purple channel, delivering robust crunch tones ready for rock; and the Red channel, which enhances the intensity of the Purple with an additional gain boost.

The Green channel is further refined with a unique 3-position voicing switch, allowing selection between Bright, Beano, and Hugh tones, thus offering a spectrum of auditory colors. Similarly, the Red and Purple channels introduce their own voicing switches—Brown, Classic, and Breaker—ensuring a versatile foundation for crafting distinctive sounds. A global 3-band EQ, along with a presence control, provides comprehensive tone shaping capabilities, ensuring every nuance of the sound is captured with clarity and precision.

Innovatively, two "Schizo" knobs are introduced, offering unprecedented control over the gain, attack, and overall character of the signal, thus pushing the boundaries of traditional amplifier design. A series effects loop, equipped with send/return controls, seamlessly integrates a range of effects pedals, further enhancing the amplifier's versatility.

A three-position power amp voicing switch offers settings from Vintage Focused to Expand Loose and Big Modern, ensuring compatibility with a myriad of musical styles and preferences. Additionally, a 2-position Variac function allows for subtle manipulations of the tone's sag and compression, adding an additional layer of customization. Completing this extensive feature set, a variable impedance selector accommodates a wide range of cabinet configurations, ensuring this amp can be integrated into any setup.

2-year warranty in our workshop.