Mönnig 155 AM

Mönnig oboe, model 155AM, Soloist Albrecht Mayer, conservatory system Paris, selected grenadilla, made in Germany.

Mönnig 155 AM

Key: C
Keying: Conservatory system, A trill/Bb trill D#/Mi, C/Do# and C/D trill, articulated G# and B/Do# connection, "Philadelphia " link, fork F, vest key, double F, double bell resonance key, two semi-automatic octave keys as well as the 3rd octave key.
Grenadilla body and bell, 1st choice grenadilla inserts in some holes of the upper body, silver plated nickel silver keys, gold plated balls and rings, gold plated piperelle and octave boxes.

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A German company internationally renowned for the outstanding quality of its professional and soloist production, Mönnig is a workshop of craftsmen of the highest level. In more than 140 years of existence, it has developed a know-how that blends traditional and modern techniques, to make instruments that meet the highest standards. The models we have selected were designed in collaboration with Albrecht Mayer, soloist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and internationally renowned soloist.

This Soloist model benefits from a special bore allowing great sound modulations and giving it a very wide harmonic richness. This instrument won the award for the manufacture of wind instruments in Germany in 2018.

2 years warranty from our workshop.