Yamaha 241
  • Yamaha 241

Yamaha YOB-241

Yamaha YOB 241 student oboe, simplified keywork, ABS resin body. mat finish, silver-plated keywork, with traditional rectangular casel.


Semi-automatic simplified Conservatoire system
American style bore
C#-D#, F#-G#,A#-B, B-C#, C-D trills keys
4 cork and 15 bladder noiseless pads
ABS resin body and silver-plated nickel silver keys
Rectangular traditional original case included

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This is a more econonomical ABS resin body oboe which features a simplified Conservatoire system, making it easier to play for beginners. The surprisingly acurate inonation permits students to concentrate more on developing their own musicale nuances.

But there is nothing "student-like" about the rich and clourful sound. The 241 features a carachteristic warm oboe tone which sounds very close to that of a professional oboe, so even a complete beginner will quickly develop a beautiful tone.

Designed for youngsters, the 241 simplified sturdy, reliable and durable keywork evidences Yamaha's meticulous craftsmanship. The right hand index plate is perfectly suited to small hands. The simplified keywork combined with the ABS resin body result into an ultra lightweight instrument ideal for the first steps. This semi-automatic oboe has however a reduced playing range to the low B that is however not conflicting with the repertoire performed during the first years. Taking into account its overall musical and workmanship qualities, it is a superb instrument to start and continue with.