Cor Anglais Buffet Crampon Prestige

Buffet Crampon Prestige English horn.
Cor Anglais Buffet Crampon Prestige

Key : F

Pitch : 440/443 Hz

Body : Dalbergia Melanoxylon (Grenadile)
Tenons : Ferrules with carbon wire, crimped on tenons

Octave key : 3, semi-automatic, C# trill, double D trill, left F lever, Philadelphia system, low B/C# trill

Keywork finish: silver plated

Pads : cork and Goretex

Thumb rest: adjustable System: Conservatory

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The Buffet Crampon English horn is the image of the brand's professional oboes: its exceptional acoustic qualities and its precision of intonation and emission make it an instrument that perfectly meets the requirements of orchestral or ensemble musicians.

This Prestige model is defined by a well-defined sound, full of woody roundness and delicacy. Each note develops at leisure to reach the desired fullness, thanks to the comfort and stability of the instrument whose high register is particularly pure and pleasant to handle.

The development work on the Buffet Crampon English horn, carried out over many years with the help of orchestral musicians from all over the world, makes it possible to feel perfectly at ease when switching from the oboe to the English horn, thanks to its relatively light weight, its ergonomic keywork and a bore that is in line with the brand's oboes.

2 years warranty from our workshop.