Marigaux M2
  • Marigaux M2

Marigaux M2

Marigaux professionnal oboe, M2 model, semi-automatic Conservatoire system, new ergonomic keywork, one piece body with interchangeable headjoints, selected grenadilla wood, made in France.

Marigaux M2

Key : C
Pitch : A = 440 to 443 Hz
Body  (1 piece), bell and headjoints (2 pieces included) material : selected seasoned grenadilla 
Optional headjoints : available in 3 different lengths and two materials (grenadilla or resin)
Double F key adjustable lengthways
New aligning to improve D/Db octave
Adjustment screw which lowers the D ring to ease sliding from D to G (top octave)
Combination of noiseless solid cork and leather pads
Adjustable thumb-rest

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  • Marigaux M2
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It took several years of research to develop the M2 oboe, flagship of Marigaux's fleet. This revolutionary model also has required to file several international patents. All of Marigaux's know how and creativity are packed into this customizable instrument, already available with a combination of several different "headjoints", and more in development. The state-of-the-art !

The key of this revolutionary concept is a one piece body with therefore no central tenon. Not being restrained by the traditional central joint, this permits to position G, G# and A holes for optimal intonation and acoustics with no construction compromise. The exclusive interchangeable headjoints (available in three different sizes in either grenadilla or resin) allow the oboist to easily taylor his sound. The combination of those two major innovations improve the intonation, the playability and the sound color drastically. Those key features highly contribute to the success of this model.

The ergonomic and comfortable keywork and some of the M2 various improvements come from the 2001 model. Its characteristic lavishness, mellow yet consistent sound is closer to iconic 901 model. This instrument meets the expectations of the most discerning soloist. At Servette-Music, you can choose your own from our large selection and under the guidance of specialists, passionate as you are! Your instrument will be set up by our artisans to meet your personal requirements.

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