Buffet Crampon Légende

Buffet Crampon Légende

Key: C

Pitch: 440/443 Hz

Grenadilla body (Dalbergia Melanoxylon) specially treated to reduce the risk of splitting, Green Line inserts in sensitive areas, upper body equipped with a metal pin for maximum resistance. High Tech case in metallic grey and black leather.
Thermoformed shell.
Triple skin composite with full airex and PVC foam core.
Keywork: Conservatory system, three octave keys, semi-automatic, high reliability silver plated nickel keywork, new adjustable thumb rest, optional aurification.
Pink gold plated balls and rings.

Pads : Cork and Goretex (low notes)

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This new model is in line with the Buffet Crampon oboes for its accuracy, flexibility, centering, and projection. The Légende offers a new roundness and breadth of tone throughout. The acoustic quality, the harmonic spectrum, the ease of emission as well as the space granted to the low register have been particularly well worked out.

This new oboe represents a major step in the history of the Buffet Crampon brand, both in terms of human and technological development. It is the faithful reflection of the alliance between the know-how of the French musical instrument manufacturer and the latest technology.

In addition to the acoustic innovations, refinement has been pushed to the smallest detail. The Légende is part of the new Buffet Crampon aesthetic line combining rose gold and silver in the "Grand Siècle" style. A rare and recognizable elegance!

The Légende will suit all musicians, from the most demanding professional to the amateur who wants an instrument of excellence.

2 years warranty from our workshop.