Miyasawa PB-202-R

Miyazawa transverse flute, model PB-202-R, silver finish, handmade.

Miyazawa PB-202-R

Silver nickel silver tube, 0.40mm
French style keying, aligned GROUND, open tops
Mouthpiece solid silver 925°
MZ-10 Mouthpiece
Silver core 990°
Case included

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Founded in 1969 by Masashi Miyazawa, the Miyazawa Flute Company designs and manufactures flutes of the highest quality in terms of sound and finish, played by students and concert players all over the world. 

The Miyazawa PB series is the entry-level handcrafted Miyazawa flutes. The PB-202-R model is an excellent choice for the advanced student or amateur flautist.

This flute offers an easy response and produces a clear tone with a great projection. It surprises with its depth of sound and easy control. It is equipped with the Brögger System, which features a one-piece articulation bridge, which strengthens and stabilizes the mechanics. It also allows more precise adjustment and facilitates the balancing of the tension of each spring and each key. The elimination of pins reduces friction between moving parts and increases playing comfort. This patented mechanism ensures smooth play and an incredible feeling of lightness.

2 years guarantee from our workshop.