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Advences Sopranino, NINOR

Advences Sopranino Saxophone, model NINOR, one piece straight body, serie RJ, in goldbrass, clear lacquered, with case.

Advences Soprano SC900VT Vintage Bronze

Advences soprano saxophone, model SC900VT, vintage series, curved and engraved, keys ergonomically optimized, with case.

Besson "New Standard" 152

Besson "New Standard" 152 Alto Horn, 11,84mm bore, stainless steel pistons, 203 mm bell, lacquered or silver-plated finish, with compact case.

Besson "New Standard" 157

Besson "New Standard" Bb baritone, model 157, 13.34 mm bore, 3 stainless steel pistons, 203 mm bell, clear lacquer or silver-plated finish, with case.

Besson BE-130

Besson tenor trombone, model BE-130, 12.7 bore, bell diameter 203mm in brass, chrome plated nickel silver slide, mouthpiece and case included, silver-plated finish.

Besson BE-162

Besson Bb euphonium, model BE-162, 14.72 bore, 3 stainless steel piston valves, 280 bell, silver-plated finish. Also available in clear lacquer finish. With case.

Besson BE-165

Besson Bb euphonium, model BE-165, 14.72 bore, 4 stainless steel piston valves (3+1), 280 or 304 bell, clear lacquer finish. Also available in silver plated finish. With case.

Besson New Standard 120

Besson Bb student cornet, model BE120-2-0, 11.68mm L (large) bore, stainless-steel piston valves, traditional case, adjustable 1st and 3rd slides, silver-plated. Also available in clear lacquer finish.

Buffet Crampon Légende in Bb

Buffet Crampon Clarinet, Légende model in Bb. Grenadilla construction, 19/6, silver plated keying, case and accessories included.

Buffet Crampon Prodige 17/6 in Bb

Buffet Crampon student clarinet, Prodige 17/6 in Bb model, in grenadilla, silver plated keys, leather pads, with original case and accessories.

Buffet Crampon Prodige BC4062

Buffet Crampon student oboe, Prodige BC 4062 model, in grenadilla wood with resin coated bore, semi-automatic Conservatoire system, silver plated keys, made in Germany

Geneva Symphony in Bb

Geneva Bb cornet, model Symphony, 11.50mm bore, 120mm goldbrass bell, silver-plated finish - also available in lacquered, with case.

Miyasawa PB-202-R

Miyazawa transverse flute, model PB-202-R, silver finish, handmade.

Yamaha YFL-482

Yamaha YFL-482 flute, intermediate semi-professional model, sterling silver head joint and body, silver-plated nickel-silver keywork, in-line open-holed  keywork, drawn toneholes, with case, case cover and maintenance accessories.

Yamaha YTR-6335RC

Yamaha trumpet, model YTR-6335 in Bb, professional series, ML 11.68mm bore, monel pistons, adjustable 1st and 3rd valves tuning slides, yellow brass bell, gold lacquer finish, with case. Available also in silver-plated finish.