Yamaha Tour Custom 10T/12T/14F/20B/14S Caramel Satin

Yamaha Tour Custom drum kit, Chocolate Satin finish, 5 drums, set for all styles, size 10/12/16/22/14, very versatile, hardware-free.

Yamaha Tour Custom 10T/12T/14F/20B/14S Caramel Satin

Brand : Yamaha
Series : Tour Custom
Style : All
Construction: maple
Drums: 5 Shells
Finish: Chocolate Satin

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  • Yamaha Tour Custom 10T/12T/14F/20B/14S Caramel Satin
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Yamaha instruments have been proven since its founding in 1887 when the brand manufactured organs. Built from excellent materials, boasting very meticulous finishes, these instruments are of impeccable quality. From drums to guitars, accordions to pianos, Yamaha's range extends from beginner study instruments to pieces for professional concert performers.

The Yamaha Tour Custom 5 FUS CS drum kit stands at the pinnacle of excellence in the realm of professional drums. Crafted with top-quality materials and featuring remarkable finishing, it offers exceptional sound quality and robust construction.

This drum kit stands out with its elegant and unique "Copper Sparkle" finish, as well as its 100% American maple shells that produce a rich and powerful sound. The "A.R.T." inner edges enhance resonance and sustain, while the sturdy hardware ensures unwavering reliability. With its versatile configuration comprising five drums, this kit adapts to a wide variety of musical styles, from rock to jazz to funk. The maple drums deliver sharp attack and extended sustain, while the Remo Ambassador and Emperor heads contribute to a balanced and rich sound. Designed for the most discerning professional musicians, the Yamaha Tour Custom 5 FUS CS is a superior-quality instrument that offers precise and powerful sound, perfectly suited to all musical performances.

2-year warranty from our workshop.