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A&F Drum Co. Royal ALL 3 Brass

A&F Drum Co drum kit, Royal model, 3 brass drums, 12/16/22 sizes.

A&F Drum Co. Steel

A&F snare drum, Steel model, raw steel, 5x14.

Backbeat Custom Drums 0007

Backbeat Custom drums snare, 0007 model, 6 ply maple, 14x5, tube lugs, antique brown stain finish.

Backbeat Custom Drums 0009

Backbeat Custom drums snare, 0009 model, 8 ply maple, 14x7, classic lugs, white oyster finish.

British Drum Co Legend Club ALL 3 Night Skye

British Drum Co drum kit, Legend Club model, 3 birch drum set, ideal for all styles, 12/16/22 sizes.

Drum Workshop Performance RK 4 Gold Sparkle

Drum Workshop drumset, RK4 model, Performance series, ideal for rock. 4 shell set, Gold Sparkle finish, hardware not included.

Gretsch Brooklyn ALL 4 CO

Gretsch drumset, model Brooklyn, ideal for all styles, 4 shell set, Cream Oyster finish, without hardware.

Gretsch Fredkaster Natural Maple

Gretch snare, Fredkaster model, limited anniversary edition, Natural Maple drum, 14x7.

Ludwig Blue Note Red Sparkle 1970
CHF 650.-

Ludwig snare drum, Blue Note model 1970, Red Sparkle finish, in very good condition. Vintage.

Ludwig Jazz Festival White Marine 1966
CHF 780.-

Ludwig snare drum, model Jazz Festival 1966, White Marine finish, in very good condition. Vintage.

Ludwig Super Classic Gold Sparkle 1964
CHF 780.-

Ludwig snare drum, Super Classic model 1964, Gold Sparkle finish, in very good condition. Vintage.

Ludwig WFL Classic Aqua Blue 1961
CHF 780 .-

Ludwig snare drum, model WFL Classic from 1961, Aqua Blue finish, in very good condition. Vintage.

Roland TD-27 KV

Roland electronic drumset, model TD-27 KV, ideal for all styles and for confirmed drummers, 5 shell set, black finish, with hardware and pickup/reproduction system.

Roland VAD503 V-Drums Acoustic Design

Roland electronic drum kit, model VAD503 V-Drums, Acoustic Design series, 4 drums, composite wood, TD27 module.

Tamburo Unika 4 FUS BF

Tamburo drum kit, Unika model, 4 poplar/hybrid shell set, ideal for fusion, 10/13/16/13 sizes, Black flame finish.

Yamaha Tour Custom 5 ALL CS

Yamaha drumkit, Recording Tour model, maple, chocolate satin color, 5 shells set, all styles, size 10/12/16/22/14, very versatile, w/o hardware.