Masotti Pedals

Epitome of boutique stompboxes, Masotti is an Italian firm founded in 1988 by Pierangelo Mezzabarba. With flawless build quality, impeccable finishes and uncompromising sound, the Masotti pedals quickly made their mark among professionals, and conquered the preamp-type market.

Masotti Pedals

Black Box ; White Box ; OD Box

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Black Box: this buffer ensures that all the frequencies of your guitar (especially the highs, but also the lows) and the general quality of your sound will go through your cables and your pedalboard without degradation. Placed right after your instrument, the Black Box buffer gives you a constant, consistent and solid signal.

White Box: to make it simple, the White Box is a Black Box (i.e. an ultra clean and efficient buffer) with a completely transparent and adjustable boost up to +25 db. It is possible to use the boost and the buffer independently, or both at the same time.

OD Box: The OD Box is a dynamic overdrive pedal, which offers long sustain and high definition to your saturated sound. In addition to the classic settings (tone, drive and control, i.e. level) a switch allows you to select the character you want to give to the saturation: a classic overdrive, a little nasal, approaching a Fenderian sound; a powerful distortion with boosted lows and highs delivering modern sounds, which goes into Boogian territory, and saturation with a typical "British" character and attack.