Vertex Ultraphonix Special Overdrive MKII

Vertex Ultraphonix MKII pedal, typical Dumble overdrive.
Vertex Ultraphonix Special Overdrive MKII

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  • Vertex Ultraphonix Special Overdrive MKII
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Vertex pedals are handcrafted in Northern California. Materials are sourced in the USA, and the hardware and components are of the highest quality. The tone and reliability are exceptional. The possibilities are endless.

The Dumble's blooming midrange and screaming overdrive are at your service in this Ultraphonix MKII. When you turn it on, it creates a new playing field for your guitar, with an articulate attack and smooth sustain, characteristics very much to the taste of musicians like Robben Ford and Larry Carlton. The build quality is impeccable, of course.

2 years warranty from our workshop.