Our instruments of the brand: Vertex

Vertex Boost MKII
Vertex Boost MKII pedal. +16dB of ultra-transparent level on unit gain.
Vertex Dynamic Distortion
Vertex Dynamic Distortion pedal. TS type overdrive and Big Muff type fuzz in one, both are impressive.
Vertex Steel String MKII
Vertex Steel String MKII Pedal. The Dumble SSS tone in a compact pedal.
Vertex Steel String Supreme
Vertex Steel String Supreme Pedal. The tone of the Dumble Steel String #001 in a stompbox.
Vertex T Drive Overdrive
Vertex T Drive pedal, the Trainwreck Express overdrive in a stompbox.
Vertex Tone Secret Overdrive
Vertex Tone Secret OD overdrive pedal. Codename: TS.
Vertex Ultraphonix Special Overdrive MKII
Vertex Ultraphonix MKII pedal, typical Dumble overdrive.