At Servette-Music, you are in a specialized shop where each instrument is carefully selected, scrupulously set up and inspected by our factors and/or our specialists.

We will advise you on tone, help you try our instruments and even lend them to you to allow you to test them at home or in your rehearsal room—because there is no best test than in your own environment.

In addition, you benefit from a full warranty during 2-year (1 year for the used instruments), top-notch customer service and additional set up throughout the warranty period.

Finally, if we don’t have the instrument of your dreams or the accessory you need in our stock, we will order them. Thanks to our network, we can get any brand and product from official distributors. We will process your requests very quickly and allow to follow-up your orders easily.

The Servette-Music team

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Juan Hernandez Professional
CHF 1'290.-

Beautiful Juan Hernandez classical guitar, model Professional. Spruce top, rosewood backhand sides. Made in Valencia (Spain), in 2001. Sounds awesome. With case.

George Lowden Classic
CHF 10'000.-

George Lowden 2nd hand classical guitar, made in France in St-Pierre en Faucigny (when George was living in our area). Cedar top, back/sides/bridge in Brazilian rosewood, 1st choice exceptional woods. Guitar in perfect conditions, some minor scratches on the table due to normal use. Serial nb. "April 1990".

Alhambra 4P
CHF 600.-

Do Santos Student 48

Do Santos classical guitar, Estudio model, solid cedar top, 48 cm scale.

Do Santos Student 52

Do Santos classical guitar, Student model, solid cedar top, 52 cm scale.

Do Santos Student 58

Do Santos classical guitar, Student 58 model, solid cedar top, 58 cm scale.

Do Santos Student 615

Do Santos classical guitar, Student 615 model, solid cedar top. 61.5 cm scale.

Do Santos Student 628

Do Santos classical guitar, Student 628 model, solid cedar top, 62.8 cm scale.

Do Santos Student 65

Do Santos classical guitar, Student 65 model, solid cedar top, 65 cm scale.

Paulus Neff CC109

Paulus Neff classical guitar, CC109 model, solid cedar top.

Paulus Neff CC109S

Paulus Neff classical guitar, CC109S model, solid spruce top.

Almansa 400CW Natural

Almansa Classical Guitar, 400CW model, solid cedar top, Fishman preamp.

HOPF Madrid with case
CHF : 750.-

Beautiful second hand HOPF classical guitar. Very good conditions, with case. 1 year warranty.

Almansa 434

Almansa classical guitar, 434 model, solid cedar top.

Hanika 30MF

Hanika classical guitar, 30MF model, all solid woods.

Hanika 50PF

Hanika classical guitar, 50PF model, all solid woods.

Hanika 50PC

Hanika classical guitar, 50PC model, all solid woods.

Hanika 54PC

Hanika classical guitar, 54PC model, all solid woods.

Hanika 54PF

Hanika classical guitar, 54PF model, all solid woods.

Do Santos Stage Performance 14 RS

Do Santos classical electo-acoustic guitar, 14-RS model, all solid woods, 65 cm scale, cutaway.

Hanika BasisCut PF

Hanika classical guitar, BasisCut PF model, all solid woods.

Godin Multiac Nylon Duet Ambiance Natural HG

Godin electro-acoustic guitar, model Multiac Nylon Duet Ambiance Natural HG.

Hanika Flameco KF

Hanika flamenca guitar, Flamenco KF model, all solid woods.

José Ramirez Serie Limitada Estudio

José Ramirez classical guitar, Limited series (2007-2012). Spruce top, rosewood back/sides. With case

Hanika 59 SC

Hanika classical guitar, 59SC model, all solid woods.

Hanika Natural PC Double Top

Hanika classical guitar, Natural Double Top PC model, all solid woods.

Hanika Grand Konzert F

Hanika classical guitar, Grand Konzert model, all solid woods.

Gropp Spezial Zeder

Gropp classical guitar, Spezial Zeder model, all solid woods.