Yamaha YTR-9335 CHS "Custom XENO Artist" in Bb
  • Yamaha YTR-9335 CHS "Custom XENO Artist" in Bb

Yamaha YTR-9335 CHS "Custom XENO Artist" Chicago in Bb

Yamaha Trumpet, model YTR-9335 CHS in Bb, "Custom XENO Artist" Chicago series, ML 11.65mm bore, monel pistons, adjustable 1st and 3rd valve tuning slides, 123mm bell, silver plated finish finish, with double case. Available also in clear lacquer finish.

YTR-9335 CHS
Key Bb
Bell Material: one piece yellow brass
Bell Diameter: 123mm
Bore Size: ML, 11.65mm
Weight: Heavy
Finish: silver-plated
Mouthpiece: TR-17B4

Case included

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The YTR-9335CHS Xeno Artist Model "Chicago" Bb professional trumpet was updated in 2015 with input from John Hagstrom, 2nd trumpeter in the legendary Chicago Symphony Orchestra brass section. 

These trumpets, of exceptional quality, have received new updates in order to create an instrument which is not only easier to play, but also capable to have a softer response in the pianissimo register as well as a stronger presence in the fortissimo texture.

All elements of the instrument encapsulate the know-how of Yamaha artists worldwide, having allowed the maker to develop an even more performing Chicago model. We propose it with a two year guarantee by our workshop.