Selmer Alto Signature

Selmer Alto Signature saxophone, lacquered and engraved, with case and accessories. Serial number: 847823.


Key: E-flat
Range: Low B-flat to high F-sharp
Neck tightening collar with three-point concentric tightening
Adjustable nickel-silver neck tightening ring
Fine gold gilded metal thumb rests
Keys inlaid with natural mother-of-pearl
Leather pads with riveted metal resonators

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  • SEL 91SIG-L
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Founded in 1885 by Henri Selmer in Paris, Selmer quickly became synonymous with superior quality in the world of saxophones. The tradition of excellence continues with the recent launch of the Selmer Alto Signature, an instrument that embodies the pinnacle of French craftsmanship.

We are particularly proud to present the Selmer Alto Signature in our collection. This is an instrument that not only honors Selmer's legacy but boldly propels it into the future with audacity and innovation. We highly recommend this saxophone to demanding musicians seeking exceptional sound, effortless playability, and refined aesthetics.

Inspired by Selmer's rich heritage, the Alto Signature brings a contemporary touch to a classic design. Its elegant silhouette is reminiscent of Selmer's historical models, but with a decidedly modern sound. The bell's width and depth have been meticulously studied to offer a rich sonority and effortless projection, ideal for a wide range of musical genres.

The construction of the Selmer Alto Signature is a true masterpiece. The quality of the materials used, especially the high-quality brass, promises durability and resistance to the rigors of regular performances. The ergonomically designed keys, crafted with precision, offer a quick response and playing comfort, allowing musicians to fully express themselves without constraint. This saxophone resonates with clarity and tonal depth that are simply captivating. Whether it's the crystalline high notes or the deep, velvety lows, the Signature captures the essence of each note and projects it with remarkable purity and precision.

2 years warranty from our workshop.