Aguilar Octamizer

Aguilar Octamizer effect pedal, octaver with excellent tracking and Full Spectrum Tilt EQ.
Aguilar Octamizer

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  • Aguilar Octamizer
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The Aguilar Octamizer analog octave pedal is a best-seller for many good reasons. First, the electronic tracking circuitry offers unparalleled performance, giving your sound texture a magical precision, allowing you to use it with confidence on stage and in the studio. Next, a Clean Tone pot is served by a Full Tilt Spectrum equalizer, which means that as you boost the highs, you simultaneously reduce the lows, and vice versa. This makes for great octave doubling effects and blends that create some pretty sublime synthetic sounds, while the Octave Filter's low-pass filter allows you to get round, soft sounds or aggressive, edgy tones. You can tell that Aguilar worked with bass players to create this pedal, and it's a great success.

2-year warranty from our workshop.