Neural DSP Quad Cortex

Neural DSP Quad Cortex amp modelisation floorboard. Tone. All the tone.
Neural DSP Quad Cortex

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We got the exclusive in Switzerland for you!

Whether you're interested, already convinced, or just curious about the evolution of tube amp modeling, you've surely been waiting for the Neural DSP Quad Cortex to be released with great anticipation. So were we.

We worked hard to get the exclusive in Switzerland, so you could receive yours in a reasonable time frame. Because this Quad Cortex is a success. A huge success, that it fully deserves. Book your algo-rythmically flawless companion now To put yourself as high as possible on the waiting list to order a Neural DSP Quad Cortex, simply write to us at We'll get back to you promptly with all the details.

What's so great about the Neural DSP Quad Cortex?

The Neural DSP Quad Cortex is a completely revolutionary floorboard that's incredibly easy to use. Neural's engineers have equipped this device with a highly responsive touch screen, and simple and intuitive schematics. Plus, connecting it to a wifi will give you instant access to updates. The "Neural Cortex Mobile" app allows you to load IRs, captures and presets directly into your Quad Cortex in no time.

It was obvious that this little gem would be equipped with thoughtful, pro-oriented connectivity. Whatever situation you find yourself in (studio stage, rehearsal, recording, re-amping, 4 cables method, 7 cables method, 2 guitars, 1 guitar and 1 bass, 1 mic/guitar, etc.) you will find the right setup. The I/O page being easily accessible by sliding your finger on the screen, you can instantly dial in your settings in real time, and you will find an unprecedented playing comfort.

After extensive testing in every possible configuration, we can assure you that the Quad Cortex performs just like an amp would... Even better actually, because it will shine through the mix when you play with your band. That's when you'll understand, as we found out, that this digital marvel is simply the musician's best companion.

We are already looking forward to welcoming you for a test drive, to let you discover the modeling (Line 6, Fractal, etc...), but also what Neural DSP calls captures (think Kemper), a frozen picture of an amp or a cabinet in a specific situation. Neural DSP has done better than anyone else, because their capture is obviously the most accurate, and thanks to their algorithms, it can be edited as if it had been modeled. It's a true coup-de-maître!

We're looking forward to seeing you ☺

Keep on rockin'!