Gewa E-Drum Set G3 Club 5 SE

Gewa Generation 3 Club SE electronic drum set, 5 drums, Black Sparkle finish, hardware included.

Gewa E-Drum Set G3 Club 5 SE

GEWA G3 sound module with access to a library of 901 instrument sounds
40 drum kit presets, and 128 user kits
Precise triggering technology, inherited from GEWA's higher-end models G5 and G9
Configuration includes three toms with dimensions 10x05", 12x05" and 14x05", a snare drum of 14x05" and a bass drum of 18x14"
10 trigger inputs for flexible configuration
2 master outputs for easy connection to external sound systems
Sounds recorded in the Funkhaus studios in Berlin

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The Gewa E-Drum Set G3 Club 5 SE is an exciting new addition to the European brand GEWA's electronic drum range, adding appreciable depth to its entry-level offering. Following the success of the compact G3 Studio 5, the G3 Club 5 SE promises to transport GEWA's sound excellence and intuitive playability into a larger, more encompassing set.

The architecture of the G3 Club 5 SE is designed to offer a natural playing feel. The triggering technology is inherited from the brand's superior G5 and G9 models, ensuring tactile consistency and precise responsiveness across all percussive components of the kit. The setup consists of three toms of sizes 10x05", 12x05", and 14x05", a 14x05" snare drum, and an 18x14" bass drum, offering a dynamic range capable of translating every nuance of your performance.

At the heart of the G3 Club 5 SE lies the GEWA G3 module, a robust sound hub that accesses the same sound library as the flagship GEWA G9 model. It features 40 drum kit presets, totaling 901 instrument sounds, all meticulously recorded in the legendary Funkhaus studios in Berlin. Each instrument in this library can contain up to 1,000 individual samples, promising a rich and multidimensional sound reproduction, whether you are in rehearsal, in the studio, or on stage.

In terms of additional specifications, the G3 Club 5 SE offers over 900 sounds, 40 kits, and 128 user kits, with 10 trigger inputs and 2 main outputs. It also comes in a Black Sparkle finish, adding a touch of visual elegance to the kit's sonic and mechanical robustness.

2-year of warranty from our workshop.