Ludwig Classic Maple 13T/16F/22B Mod Orange

Ludwig Classic Maple Fab3 3 drums, Orange finish, for rock.
Ludwig Classic Maple 13T/16F/22B Mod Orange

3 drums 13/16/22
7-ply maple

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  • Ludwig Classic Maple 13T/16F/22B Mod Orange
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Ludwig Classic Maple drums are among the best production drums, and this model, in particular, has established itself as a reference on stage and in the studio. Made in Monroe, North Carolina, with ultra-selective North American maple plywood, their design provides a warm sound and unparalleled sustain. Very versatile, the Ludwig L8004 Fab4 is perfect for every situation and is capable of a wide range of sounds: jazz, rock, funk...

The barrel of a Ludwig Classic Maple is made of 7 plies of 6 mm thick maple, delivering a great resonance, and a vibrant tone. The shaft has a 45° chamfer and a 1/16" external counter chamfer. This sharpened chamfer is patinated to accommodate the skin better, providing a precise, flat, and soft surface, laying the foundation for the incomparable and distinguished Ludwig sound.

Two years warranty in our workshop.