Tamburo Formula 10T/12T/16F/22B/14S Satin Black with hardware

Tamburo Formula drum set, 5 drums, for rock, Satin Black finish, 10/12/14/22/14, hardware included.
Tamburo Formula 10T/12T/16F/22B/14S Satin Black

Styles: rock
Number of drums: 5
Material: birch
Size: 10/12/14/22/14

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  • Tamburo Formula 10T/12T/16F/22B/14S Satin Black
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Innovation has been the cornerstone of Tamburo through its creations for more than 25 years. The combination of creativity and innovation has made possible revolutionary manufacturing processes and the development of new technical possibilities that currently excite a plethora of drummers.

The Formula series drums are built from 6.5mm thick birch, equipped with a suspension system, come with a set of stands, and are available in various satin or lacquered finishes. The quality is comparable to high end models, and provides one of the best quality/price ratios on the market.

2 years warranty from our workshop.