Besson Prodige 162

Besson Bb euphonium, model BE-162, 14.72 bore, 3 stainless steel piston valves, 280 bell, silver-plated finish. Also available in clear lacquer finish. With case.

BE Prodige 162

Key: Bb
Brass body
Bell diameter: 280mm
Bore: 14.72mm
Piston valves (3): stainless-steel
Finish: lacquer or silver-plated
Mouthpiece: included
Case: zipped hard shell included

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The new Besson 162 entry-level euphonium is free-blowing yet generates a warm and mellow sound.

Taking into account its ease of playing and its affordable price, the Besson 162 is perfect for the novice but will also appeal to the more advanced player searching for a high-end convenient top-action three-valved euphonium. With its rich and centered tone, this versatile instrument will meet the most discerning requirements.

With a 2-year warranty from our workshop.