Buffet Crampon XXI in Bb

Buffet Crampon XXI clarinet in Bb.
Buffet Crampon XXI en Sib

Pitch : 440/442 Hz

Body : Selected grenadilla (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), natural

Bore : Poly-cylindrical

Inserts : Green-LinE on the upper body

Tenons : Crimped

Carbon Threads : Barrel, upper body and lower body

Lies : Synthetic on tenons requiring the use of BCA0135 lubricant

Barrels : 64 and 65 mm

Keys : 19

Rings : 6

Thumb rest : Adjustable

Eb lever : Standard

Keywork finish : Silver plated and gold plated balls

Pitons : Metal with O-rings

Springs : Needle springs and flat springs in blued steel

Pads : Combination of GT (100% waterproof and breathable), leather and natural cork pads

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Building on its experience and tradition of innovation and development, Buffet Crampon is launching an innovative and ambitious Bb clarinet. The BC XXI model is the beginning of a revolution: a longer clarinet offering many acoustic characteristics that were not yet available.

The extended lower body of this clarinet, in which a resonance hole is judiciously placed, allows for a full and woody low E-flat sound. A shorter bell that serves as a resonator for the entire clarinet and a surprisingly stable and easy high register thanks to this extension. In addition, the shortened bell and carbon wire ferrules give this instrument a weight equivalent to traditional clarinets.

2-year warranty from our workshop.