Fox 250D

Professional Fox Bassoon, model 250D, made in the USA, maple body with two jars and case.

Fox 250D

Corps en quatre parties, érable longuement séché, verni au tampon
Clétage complet style Heckel, finition argentée
Petite branche et petite perce de la culasse doublée résine
Trous doublés en maillechort
9 rouleaux
Dispositif de blocage de clé de bocal à la main gauche
Clés de Ré et Mi aigu
Touche auxiliaire au Do grave
Plateau de Mi grave ergonomique
Clé de trille de Mib à la main gauche
Clé de trille Lab-Sib au pouce droit
Repose main démontable
Suspensoir équilibre démontable inclus

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We are pleased to offer bassoons from this top American manufacturer in addition to our favorite German brands (Moosmann and Schreiber). These instruments are very durable, and offer remarkable stability and intonation. Their sturdy and attractive keywork, combined with selected maple wood essences, have helped produce highly reputable instruments for decades.

The Fox 250D bassoon is a professional model of the Fox family made of selected and aged maple woods designed for advanced students and professionals of the instrument. It is an instrument with a very homogeneous emission and an exceptional intonation. Very flexible and singing in the tenor register, it produces a warm and dark sound typical of the brand. Its exceptionally fine finish and the great attention paid to the acoustic elements of this instrument make it an exceptional ally for the most demanding musicians.

2 years warranty from our workshop.