Phil Tone Saxophone mouthpieces

Hand made by Phil Engleman (originally from Salem, OR, USA and now residing in the south of France), those boutique mouthpieces are the accomplishment of years of painstaking research and development; as Phil would say, the use of “hundredweight of sand paper”! Phil is as humble as he is talented. We feel privileged to be his sole distributor in Switzerland to introduce the following gems.

Phil Tone Mouthpieces

The Tribute, The Mosaic, The Isotope, The Sapphire, The Intrepid, The Eclipse, The Rift, The Solstice, The Novella, The Custom Meyer.

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The Tribute (for tenor saxophone) Vintage Otto Link « Tone Master » mouthpieces manufactured between 1955 and 1973 in Pompano, FL hold a special place and in musical history and are much sought after by jazzmen. The « Tribute » range is the synthesis between the best « Florida Links » from that golden era and Phil Engleman’s personal touch. Complex, rich and perfectly articulated sound in all registers from pp to ff. The Mosaic (for tenor saxophone).

The « Mosaic » was inspired by the colorful sound of the great Dexter Gordon. It could be best described as a cross between a Dukoff « Hollywood » and a « Stubby ». It presents a broad, thick and textured tone but it is extremely flexible and always a pleasure to play. The Isotope (for tenor and alto saxophones).

The « Isotope » was created by Phil-Tone in collaboration with Theo Wanne. It is designed with a high baffle and a large chamber for power, volume, cut yet combined with body and depth. Somewhat of a 70’s Dukoff with and extended bass register response.

The Sapphire (for tenor and alto saxophones) This model is inspired by the Blue Note era from the 60’s. Its design is drawn from the late « Florida » Links and the early « Babbitt » pieces. It can blow dark and smoky with a rich core and has the power to project and cut through in more straight ahead situation.

The Intrepid (for tenor and alto saxophones) Fearless and bold, the « Intrepid » sports the revered « Reso Chamber » featured on Links from the 40’s and 50’s. This give a big bold colorful sound with texture, a great balanced buzz and warmth through the range.

The Eclipse (pour saxophone ténor) Enveloped in a sweeping darkness lit by a powerful, illuminating edge stands that namesake mouthpiece. The « Eclipse » is a mighty resonant piece than can carry you through ballads or your loudest gigs. The highs sing out with rich harmonics, and the low end is broad and expansive.

The Rift (for alto saxophone) The « Rift » sounds as unique as it looks. Its dual baffle system offers power with warmth. It is far from another baffled mouthpiece. It consistently delivers versatility and has a unique character that allows the player to shape his own tone. The Solstice (for soprano and alto saxophones).

The « Solstice » is a great alternative to a Meyer setup that harkens to the days of the « West Coast » school of sound, made famous by such greats as Art Pepper, Lee Konitz and Paul Desmond. With its unparalleled versatility, a beautiful sonorous tone, it can deliver attitude when pushed. There is also no better piece to perform Bossa Nova, lyrical ballads and jazz quartet repertoire. But the « Solstice » does stop there!

The Novella (for alto saxophone) This model is inspired by the short shank Selmer « Soloist » from the fifties but has that Phil-Tone touch that takes it to a higher level. It sports a rollover baffle and a slightly more open horseshoe chamber that remains focused and not as intensely compact as its predecessor. The « Novella » can cover both classical, jazz and section work.

The Custom Meyer (pour saxophone alto) The Custom Meyer has become a mainstay of the Phil-Tone line. It offers the vibe and feel of vintage models without the astronomical expense and chase. If you are seeking that Meyer Bros. NY, look no further! The rough is a modern « Babbitt » Meyer, customized by Phil. Don’t be caught up in the vintage frenzy, here is another solution!