Courtois 551 Creation New York Bass

Courtois 551 Creation New York Bass trombone.

AC 551 Creation New York Bass

Tones : Bb-Fa-Gb-Mib or Gb-D

Bore : Conical 14.28mm (0.562'') - 14.68mm (0.578'')

Bell: Brass or pink brass, one piece, hand chilled, 241mm interchangeable and unscrewable
Slide: Brass with nickel silver sleeves, double spoke stem, hard chrome plated nickel silver inner tubes and removable limb.

Cylinders : Free Flow René Hagmann®, progressive bore model, Swiss made.

Finish: polished and varnished

Case : Marcus Bonna

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Professional bass trombone, Bb-Fa-Solb-Re, Antoine Courtois Legend series, model 550BH, 14.28 bore (0.562'') detachable bell, 241mm (9 ½'') 2-cylinder Free Flow René Hagmann® progressive bore, brass slide with interchangeable leg.

Inspired by the Paul Pollard bass trombone, the AC551 New York is a bass trombone with a double Hagmann system, a second circuit that can be converted from G to Gb, and a tapered slide with interchangeable mouthpieces.

This instrument is designed for large symphonic ensembles and brass bands, it has a dense and generous sound, very homogeneous in all registers.

The Antoine Courtois Creation New-York bass trombone is equipped with the René Hagmann® Free Flow cylinder system. The A.Courtois factory was the first manufacturer to use our cylinder system (since 1992) and has the most experience in this field. With the help of renowned professional artists, the Legend and Creation lines have become staples of the very exclusive club of very good instruments in this family.

This bass trombone is designed primarily for large symphonic ensembles, brass bands and other large instrumental ensembles. It produces a generous, broad and timbred, defined sound. The choice of a progressive bore cylinder set contributes to a very homogeneous and centered emission through the registers. As with the tenor, the bell of the New-York Creation bass trombone has an unscrewable bell.

2 years warranty from our workshop.