Gibson ES-335TD 1962 Cherry Red

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Gibson ES-335 Traditional electric guitar from 1962, with block inlays, Cherry Red finish, in excellent condition, serviced in our workshop, case included. Serial number: 53135.

Gibson ES-335TD 1963 Cherry Red

Body: laminated maple and poplar
Neck: mahogany
Fretboard: rosewood
Pickups: 2 x PAF humbuckers
Bridge: Tune-O-Matic
Electronics: 2 volumes, 2 tones, 3 position pickup selector switch

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  • Gibson ES-335TD 1963 Cherry Red
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We are pleased to present here an exceptional guitar, so much so that our hands are still shaking. This is a completely original 1962 ES-335 in truly excellent condition (excellent condition+++). It's quite unique to find one of these instruments so well preserved, and especially to find one that has never been customized, touched up, or anything else. With this guitar, there is no compromise on the dream: apart from the strings, nothing has ever been changed. The frets have suffered a bit, but the guitar is still playable for a long time. The case is original and in good condition.


Considered a classic today, the ES-335 is nonetheless one of Gibson's most modern designs, having first been featured in the Gibson Gazette in 1958. It was the firm's answer to the constant innovation of Fender, which was then eating up the electric guitar market share. With the ES-335, Gibson created a whole new type of instrument, the Thinline. Thought for jazzmen, it was eventually adopted by bluesmen and rockers, among whom we can count BB King, Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and Larry Carlton, and so many others...Some even named it "Burst Killer", so much its sonic qualities sometimes make Les Paul Sunburst owners envious.

The body, made of three layers of laminated maple and poplar, sports two F-gills, a gorgeous Cherry finish, and finally not that many scratches considering its 60-year history. The finish was achieved by staining the wood and then applying a thin layer of varnish to give an intense color that still allows the wood grain to show through, letting it breathe and vibrate very freely. The neck is made of mahogany, with a slightly thicker profile than the Les Pauls of the early 60s. The fingerboard is made of rosewood, and it is adorned with the very classy block inlays introduced in 1962. The set is very comfortable to play, both sitting and standing. It is light and perfectly balanced.


The pickups are the original P.A.F. (Patent Applied For) which are exactly what you'd expect: powerful, round, creamy, open with quite a bit of sparkle. They have that very singing sound, and a bit of sweetness due to the semi-hollow body construction. They react very well to the pots' settings. The (original) electronics are impeccable: not a sputter all the way through the pots, and the jack output is solid.

This extremely rare guitar exudes timeless charm, and exudes the nobility of workmanship, promises kept through impeccable quality, and the magic of a history that is part of music legends. The years have further softened its character, which is reflected in the sound a little less stiff than other hollow-body guitars. The construction and finish are impressively fine, proving that the passage of time has only done them good. This guitar is a fantastic investment for both the musician and the collector, as it will never lose its value or its qualities. And if you're a fan of Clapton, Cream period, Blind Faith or Dirty Mac, this is a must-have!

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