Selmer Soprano "Super Action 80" Serie II

Selmer Bb soprano saxophone, model Super Action 80 Series II, engraved lacquered finish. Available in silver-plated finish and other options upon request


in addition to the engraved lacquered finish, 6 other finishes are available upon request
as optional: solid silver body and / or sterling silver bocal
brass keys with permanent compensating wear system
high quality leather pads and resonators
blue steel springs
real mother of pearl key-buttons
Selmer mouthpiece and original accessories included
Selmer light case (different options upon request)
2 years warranty from our workshop

Selmer light case (choice)
2 year guarantee by our workshop

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Available is seven different finishes, the Super Action 80 Series also II is the most complete range of saxophones (from the Eb sopranino  to the bass Bb register) manufactured by Selmer (Paris). This line has forged itself a solid reputation among musicians worldwide: wether in the prestigious hands of classical soloists, or those of jazzmen or furthermore performed by pop artists, the series II plays in the big leagues. Constantly improved, it is the most popular of the Selmer line by far.

Introduced several decades ago this model has become a classic. Used by conservatory educators and students, by  harmony and saxophone ensembles, or in the skilled hands of classical soloists, the Series II has become the world reference. This very versatile soprano saxophone showcase superb acoustics to enhance the artistry of many a performer.

Completely manufactured in the premises of Mantes-la-Ville, this instrument benefits from the Selmer long-acquired expertise in saxophone making. Being still a family operated business, the company manufactures saxophones since 1922. The instrument is supplied with the best leather pads available on the market, sporting metal boosters, reliable and durable, to match the comfortable ergonomical keywork. It also features  the unique patented permanent compensating  wear system to drastically reduce key wear clank. The keywork design feels just right and tight under everydody's hands.