Advences Alto, A1000VB serie Maillechort

Advences alto saxophone, model A1000VB, Nickel-Silver Series, engraved and lacquered, with case.


Body, bell and bocal: lacquered nickel-silver, removable bell for easier shop maintenance
Yellow brass lacquered keys
High F# auxiliary key
Double bracings on the low keys
Blue steel needle springs
Genuine abalone mother-of-pearl buttons
Waterproof durable high-end leather pads
Hand engraved bell
Original backpack case included

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Advences is the synergy of a successful partnership between a passionate French designer and a small yet skilled Taiwanese manufacture. This highly original line synthesizes key historical features: bore and playabililty are reminiscent of the iconic Selmer « Mark VI », the ergonomical and reliable keywork feels very comfortable, sporting double bracing on several low keys.  The body is available in several optional special alloys such as phosphor bronze, nickel-silver and gold-brass, each generating specific sonics to meet individual expectations.

This series integrate a lacquered solid nickel-silver body which is an alloy compounding copper, zinc and nickel with sonics very close to sterling-silver. This alloy is tradionally used in flute manufacturing for both bodies and keys. Harder than brass, nickel-silver generates a faster response, great projection and more overall volume. With those specific sounding qualities, the nickel-silver models ideally complement the Advence saxophone top range.

The workmanship of this very comfortable alto is truly superb. The instrument generates great fluidity and dynamics, remarkable focused bright and compact sound. It also is mechanically reliable with no intonation problem and could be performed with any type of mouthpiece, jazz and classical alike. The bell sports a hand-engraved pattern for enhanced aesthetics. Although positioned in the intermediate price category, the Advences nickel-silver alto will meet the requirements of the most discerning professionals.

2 years warranty from our workshop.