Selmer Tenor Signature

Selmer Tenor Signature saxophone, lacquered and engraved, with case and accessories. Serial number: 846913.


Key: Bb
Ambitus : low Bb to high Fa#
3-point concentric tightening, adjustable nickel silver tightening ring
Octave key system with Teflon supports
Keys inlaid in natural mother-of-pearl
Pads: leather with metal resonators with rivets
Thumb rests: left hand and right hand in fine gold gilded metal
Included: Concept tenor mouthpiece with ligature and cap, exclusive Signature accessories: tenor case, strap, silk/microfibre cloth, swabs (body and neck), cork grease.

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  • SEL 94SIG-L
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We are delighted to highlight the Selmer Tenor Signature in our selection. This instrument embodies a harmonious fusion between Selmer's age-old tradition and bold innovation, paving the way for the future. The Selmer Tenor Signature is a prime recommendation for musicians seeking exceptional sound quality, unparalleled ease of play, and sophisticated aesthetics.

The Selmer Tenor Signature is a true marvel in the world of saxophones. Each aspect of this instrument demonstrates uncompromising excellence, from the meticulous selection of materials to the finely crafted fittings. The attention to detail gives each saxophone its unique identity, a soul that seeks to merge with that of its musician. Drawing from Selmer's prolific heritage, the Tenor Signature adds a modern nuance to an iconic design. Its refined appearance echoes Selmer's legendary models while embodying an avant-garde sound. The precise dimensions of the bell have been scrupulously crafted to deliver an opulent sound and easy projection, wonderfully suited to a diverse range of musical genres.

The making of the Selmer Tenor Signature is a true tour de force. The quality of materials used, particularly the premium brass, ensures durability and robustness against the demands of continuous performance. The ergonomically designed keys, finely worked, promise instantaneous responsiveness and playing comfort, allowing musicians to free themselves from any technical constraints. This saxophone vibrates with a clarity and sound depth that are simply captivating. Whether it's the sharply defined high notes or the lush, soft low tones, the Signature captures the essence of each note and reproduces it with impressive purity and accuracy.

2-year warranty from our workshop.