Cannonball Soprano (SC5-BICEB) Big Bell Stone Premium IBNB

Cannonball Soprano Curved Saxophone (SC5-BICEB) Big Bell Stone Premium Iced Black Nickel Body.

Cannonball Soprano SC5-BICEB

Brass bell, neck and body
Brass keys
2 jars
High F# range
Double arm on the bass keys (excellent plug stability)
Steel spring needle
Semi-precious stone keys
High quality and precise pads
Hand engraving
Original backpack case
Exclusive sandblasted finish, charcoal

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Cannonball was created in 1996 by Tevis and Sheryl Laukat, both saxophonists and vintage saxophone connoisseurs. The idea came about while doing experimental acoustic research on instruments they had available. The results convinced them to offer instruments that differed from those available.

They started looking for a factory that would allow them to create their own models. After many unsuccessful trips to Asia, they chose a young mechanic who was very talented and who agreed to do everything they asked. That's how they started producing their saxophones in Taiwan. Today Cannonball not only has two exclusive factories in Taiwan, but also owns a warehouse and finishing houses in the in Utah (USA), by Salt Lake City. This is where the instruments are assembled, engraved, checked, tested and tuned.

Since 2012, the brand has also been offering flutes and clarinets, in addition to its line of saxophones, trumpets and trombones.

2 year warranty from our workshop.