Selmer Alto "Reference"

Selmer alto saxophone, model Reference 54, dark high-gloss lacquer. Available in antiqued brushed lacqued finish

Key: E flat.
Range: high F sharp.
Thumb rest : adjustable, in metal.
Leather pads, plastic booster.
Vintage hand engraving
Finishes:DGG (dark gold high-gloss lacquer, “Reference” engraving) and PAO (lacquer “Antiqued”).

Selmer Paris “Super Session” mouthpiece.
“Reference” case. 
Made in France

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Inspired by the iconic Mark VI model released in 1954, the Selmer 2001 Reference 54 alto  is a professional saxophone that integrates its revered predecessor's legendary acoustic characteristics with innovative modern keywork and stable intonation. A major favorite among jazz and modern music saxophonists the Reference 54 offers a rich, centered, throaty sound that even "barks" well in the lower register. The key work of the Selmer 54  feels close to the body and is extremely fluid which reacts well to even the most wicked licks. Use of premium quality leather pads with plastic tone boosters projects the sound and adds flexibility. Complete with shaped case, Selmer Paris Super Session mouthpiece, cap and ligature, and Selmer saxophone care products. Its finish is either a brushed antiqued lacquer or high gloss dark lacquer applied to both the body and keys which give the Reference 54 a vintage appeal.

More than a tribute, this exceptional horn is the best from its category. Specializing in this field, we may assert that Selmer has won the ambitious challenge of combining the best of the two eras !