Yamaha YCR-4330 Gll

Yamaha Cornet, model YCR 4330 GII en Bb, 11.65 mm bore, 1st and 3rd correction slide rings, clear lacquer finish, en étui. Available in silver finish version.

YCR-4330 Gll

Key: Bb
Bell: 2-piece goldbrass
Bell diameter: 119mm
Piston valves: Monel
Bore: ML 11.65mm
Finish: lacquer or silver-plate
Mouthpiece: CR-11E4S
Case: included

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The Yamaha YCR-4330 GII Bb cornet is an excellent medium-large bore model which not only sports a goldbrass bell, a rounded lead pipe, but mostly generates that warm and mellow sound with lightweight feel that appeals to Brass Band enthusiasts.

Free-blowing as all Yamaha’s student models, we strongly recommend it on account of its compact design and excellent intonation. Perfectly suited to children’s hands, both 1st and 3rd slides are adjustable for accurate fine tuning thus ensuring ear training for further musical development. This meticulously made instrument will also meet the requirements of more advanced players in the market for an easy-blowing and quite versatile cornet.

With a 2-year warranty from our workshop.