Yamaha YCR 2330 lll
  • Yamaha YCR 2330 lll

Yamaha YCR-2330 lll

Yamaha Bb cornet, model YCR 2330 III, 11.73 mm bore, trigger on 1st and 3rd tuning slides, lacquered finish, with case. Also available in silver-plated finish.

YCR-2330 III
Key: Bb
Bell Material: two piece yellow brass
Bell Diameter: 119mm
Bore Size: ML 11.65mm
Weight: medium
Finish: gold lacquer
Mouthpiece: CR-11E4S

Case: included
  • YCR-2330 III
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The Yamaha YCR-2330III Cornet in Bb is an excellent introductory model that features a “Shepherd’s Crook” bell style, a rounded leadpipe and a ML (medium-large) bore for smooth and light playability with a soft, warm tone.

free-blowing, as other Yamaha student models are, we recommend it regularly to all starters, especially for the very young for its compact size, much shorter than that of a trumpet. An adjustable third valve trigger accommodates different sized hands helping the player develop proper playing technique.

With a two year guarantee from our workshop.