Our instruments of the brand: Marshall

Marshall 85Th Anniversary 100W 2x12 Combo
CHF 1250.-

Marshall tube amp 85th Anniversary limited series model, 100W combo, 2 channel with footswitch, in excellent conditions, overhauled in our workshop, serial nb. M2005-44-0079-1.

Marshall JCM-900 Head
CHF 900.-

Marshall JCM-900 amp, in very good condition, totally overhauled by our workshop. 100W High Gain Master Volume Head with Reverb, Master footswitch input (2 channel). Serial number: Z03402.

Marshall Studio 2525C Silver Jubilee Combo
Marshall Studio 2525C Silver Jubilee combo amp, 20 watts, 2xEL34, 2 channels, 1x12" Celestion G12M-25 speaker.
Marshall Studio Classic SC20H 20W Head

Marshall Studio Classic SC20H tube amp. The JCM800 in a 20 watt head!

Marshall Studio Vintage SV20H 20W Head
Marshall Studio Vintage SV20H 20W amp head, 20 watts, 2xEL34, 1 channel, effects loop.
Marshall Studio Vintage SV212 Cab
Marshall Studio Vintage SV212 closed-back cabinet, 2x12" Celestion G12 V-Type, 140 watts, 8 ohms.