XO 1602RL

XO trumpet, 1602RL model in B flat, 11.65 mm bore size, mobile 1st and 3rd pumps, stainless steel pistons, 127 mm brass bell, with case.

XO 1602RL

Key: B flat
Bell: brass, one piece
Bell diameter: 127 mm
Bore size: ML, 11.65 mm
Pistons: stainless steel
Weight: medium
Case: included

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The XO brand is the result of a collaboration between materials engineers, acousticians and, of course, musicians, to produce the most balanced and homogeneous instruments possible. These concert instruments, with a hand-hammered and shaped pavilion are true works of art that reflect the expertise of the manufacturer. The rigorous selection of materials and their careful assembly ensure each instrument has incredible build-quality and amazing tone.

This trumpet is a professional model of the brand XO. High grade materials and craftmanship make it a very unique instrument. Th
e XO trumpets are all made by hand and equipped with stainless steel pistons and a 2-part piston block. This 1602RL model is equipped with a hand-hammered pink copper bell and comes with a set of interchangeable springs, caps and piston knobs. It is also supplied with a standard tuning pump and a rounded one. Its very soft tonal characteristic and its homogeneous emission over all the tonal range make it a very pleasant instrument to play.

Two years warranty from our workshop.