Courtois 421 Creation New York

Courtois 421 Creation New York Bb/F tenor trombone.

AC 421 Creation New York

Key: Bb-F
Bore: 13.89 (0.547'')
Bell: brass, 215mm (8.46'') handmade, unscrewable
Slide: brass
Finish: Varnished
Cylinder: Free Flow R.Hagmann®
F-Circuit: open type
Case: Marcus Bonna

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This new model offered by Antoine Courtois is an evolution of the Légende model released a few years ago. Developed with the support of Weston Sprott, trombonist at the Metropolitan Opera of New-York, the Creation model benefits from a specially redesigned mouthpiece and slide.

Another notable change is that this new model is the first of the brand to offer a detachable bell. Initially designed to facilitate transport (it allows for a more compact case), the acoustic effects of this ring on the bell are notable since it results in a more centered sound and a very nice projection.

Last but not least, this model is the only one in the Antoine Courtois range to be offered only with the Free Flow cylinder developed by René Hagmann. This cylinder model is indeed an option on the Légende model, but has become a must for the Création model.

The Free flow cylinder was developed to make the emission more homogeneous between the B flat and the F circuit. Used and acclaimed by the most famous brands, the cylinder designed and developed in our workshop by René Hagmann is the result of many years of research.

2 years warranty from our workshop.