Vincent Bach 42A Vibrabell Custom

Vincent Bach 42A "Stradivarius professional symphonic Bb/F trombone , 13.89mm (.547") bore, sterling silver bell, yellow brass silver plated slide, Vibrabell system 00 « Bandini » gold plated, « dual bore » valve and Custom Hand rest.

VB 42A Vibrabell Custom
Keys: Bb/F
Bore: 13.89mm (0.547’’)
Bell: 216mm (8 ½’’) diameter sterling silver
Yellow brass outer hand-slide
Chrome-plated nickel-silver inner hand-slide
Rotor: René Hagmann TTB42 "Free Flow" valve with custom double zero F wrap
Finish: gold and silver plated
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Vincent Bach combined his unique talents as both a musician and an engineer to create brass instruments of unequalled tonal quality. Often copied but never duplicated, Bach Stradivarius instruments today remain the sound choice of artists worldwide.

The Bach 42A is the most popular selling Bach Stradivarius symphonic trombone. It features an 8-1/2" one-piece sterling silver bell. The .547" large bore combined with the open wrap F attachment offers outstanding clarity and projection with less resistance. The chrome plated nickel silver inner hand-slide tubes provide the ideal surface for smooth and quick hand-slide action. The clear lacquer finish adds a subtle warmth to the sound overall.

Connected to the custom open F wrap is the TTB42 René Hagmann "Free Flow" valve that drastically improves the instrument response. The low register is freer-blowing, very homogeneous, centered yet lavish. The dedicated ergonomic exclusive lever is well protected by the attachment casing. Those items are manufactured in our Geneva workshop and fitted in Elkhart by the maker. We thank Vincent Bach for their sustained business over the last twenty years.

The Bach 42A professional Bb/F tenor trombone is ideal for both symphonic and solo performance. Still manufactured in the historical Elkhart, IN plant, it remains faithful to the legacy of its brilliant creator, Mr. Vincent Bach. The exceptional finish of this instrument make it unique for they eyes and for the ears. We propose it with a comprehensive 2 year warranty from our workshop.