Advences Sopranino, NINOR

Advences Sopranino Saxophone, model NINOR, one piece straight body, serie RJ, in goldbrass, clear lacquered, with case.


One-piece body, in lacquered gold brass
Lacquered brass keywork
Blue steel needle springs
Waterproof durable high-end leather pads
Hand engraved bell
Original backpack case included

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The RJ intermediate series is manufactured in the same workshop and by the same skilled hands which painstakingly craft the prestigious high-end Advence models.  This more economical range therefore benefits from the maker's recognized technical expertise. To generate a warm and mellow sound, the RJ saxophones are made of gold brass, an alloy which is frequently used for brass winds, but very seldom utilized in saxophone designs.

This intermediate instrument showcases a very nice overall finish seldom seen in this price range. But most essentially, it share the uncompromising musicality, accuracy, playability and homogeneity of its higher priced siblings. The Sopranino Ninor «RJ » will meet the expectations of both seasoned professionals and experienced amateurs in the market for a mechanically reliable, durable instrument which musically performs well, and all of this on a tight budget!

The Ninor Advences sopranino is a safe bet in the mid-range price bracket. It combines unexpected acoustics with with outstanding playability, comfort and a durability. After several years of experience in selling and servicing the brand, we may assert this statement! We highly recommend it for starters, music schools, as well as for experienced amateurs, from  all musical backrounds.

2 year warranty from our workshop.