Buffet Crampon baritone, BC-8403

Buffet Crampon baritone saxophone, model BC-8403, to the low A, engraved bell, lacquered finish, with hardshell case.

Auxiliary high Fa# key, low A extension
Double arms on low C, B and Bb keys
Premium pads with metal resonators
Clear lacquer or matte finishes available
Ribbed construction
Hand engraved bell

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  • BC8403-1-0
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The Buffet Crampon 400 Series has been designed for the advanced student and the experienced saxophonist alike.

This BC-8403 baritone is meticulously hand-engraved and assembled for the highest level of quality and workmanship. With keywork up to the high F# and exceptional response in the upper and lower registers, this low A braritone provides an even response and intonation

2 year warranty from our workshop.