Gold Tone LM-Weissenborn

Gold Tone Weissenborn style acoustic Hawaiian lap-steel guitar, model LM, solid mahogany hollow neck, mahogany back & sides, with case.

Gold Tone LM-Weissenborn

Top: mahogany
Back & sides: mahogany
Neck: hollow solid mahogany
Fret board: African blackwood
Bridge: ebony

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Gold Tone was founded by Wayne Rogers and and his wife Robyn and they still operate it to this day. A couple of passionate amateurs involved in the folk music scene since the 70's. The company progressively specialized into building and selling folk alternative and guitar related instruments, such as banjos, dobros, Weissenborns, ukuleles, mandolins, baritone guitars and acoustic basses.

The Hawaiian steel guitars of Herman Weissenborn made before WW ll were unique in sound and construction, and no current instrument maker has studied those original designs as closely as Gold Tone. They have replicated their distinctive tone with their Weissenborn hollow-neck guitars.

The solid mahogany back, sides and neck of the LM are beautifully set off by original-style maple/mahogany "rope" bindings and a rich honey brown finish.

Because of the Weissenborn guitar's original-style construction, due care must be taken to use the correct tunings and string gauges in order to avoid bridge, bracing or neck problems. The strings supplied (gauged .014, .018, .026w, .034w, .044w, .056w) allow for G (DGDGBD), D (DADF#AD) and similar tunings. Your Weissenborn will not tolerate the excessive tension exerted by E tuning (EBEG#BE), Dobro G tuning (GBDGBD) or similar tunings. Using these or other non-recommended tunings would damage your guitar.

With a two-year warranty from our workshop.